Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Esther Canadas

Spanish Women Photos - Esther Canadas

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Esther Canadas

Esther Canadas is a different kind of women for this blog. Typically, I like to choose Spanish women that, although sexy and beautiful, also give me a feeling that they have a really good heart. Esther is not one of those girls. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that she’s a royal bitch. I actually don’t know if she is or not. What I look for is when I’m looking for the picture to showcase, does the girl smile in a good number of the pictures. A lot of these pictures are candid shots so they show the true girl at times.

But I digress.

Personality aside, the girl is gorgeous. She actually wanted to become a criminologist, but she mother persuaded her to try out modeling. The world is definitely a better place for it. After spending some time in South Africa, she signed with a modeling agency in Madrid. She did do some work with a few magazines: Vogue Espana, Mademoiselle, and Marie Claire Italy to name a few.

That’s enough with the background. Let’s talk a bit about this pic. The first thing you’ll notice is her lips. Esther has some of the fullest lips of any of the Spanish models I’ve seen. They are extremely sexy and it shows why she has been so successful in modeling. This photo shows her on her knees with her long blonde hair strategically covering her breasts. You can see that they’re not very big which is another strike against this girl, but once again it allows her to do well in her career. I like this picture because, in addition to showing how gorgeous this girl is, it is one of the few that shows a good amount of vulnerability.

So you may be wondering why I included Esther with so many strikes against her. Well I don’t include any girls that just aren’t extremely sexy. This girl is no exception. I mean, she is hot, hot, hot. I guess I’m just a bit picky is all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Ines Sastra

Spanish Women Photos - Ines Sastra

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Ines Sastra

Ines Sastre is an extremely sexy and successful Spanish model and actress. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and English languages. She has appeared in a number of commercials, but her fame came as a result of her time with the Elite Modeling agency. In 1989, she was awarded “Look of the Year” by the agency. She has graced the covers of Elle, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, and Femme (to name a few). She has also starred in a number of Spanish films along with some American films that you may have seen like Sabrina and Beyond the Clouds.

Ines is one of the sexiest Spanish actresses out there. She is special because she is a very classic beauty. She has a slender and skinny figure with a dark porcelain face. In this black and white picture, Ines is laying down wearing a soft and silky negligee. You can see a glimpse of her perfect breasts and soft neck line. What I like most about this picture is the story. She is tugging down at the strap on her left shoulder while at the same time she is thinking intensely about something. Is she having reservations about what she is about to do? Or is it rather anticipation? With Ines, it could be anything.

She is so astoundingly gorgeous that she will make any man melt. She also has such a pleasant demeanor that you feel that she is a very approachable woman as well. But let there be no question: She is hot, hot, hot!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Elsa Pataky

Spanish Women Photo - Elsa Pataky

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky is an extremely sexy Spanish actress from Madrid that is one of the most beautiful Spanish women I have ever seen. She has posed for Maxim and other magazines and can be described as a lingerie model. She has appeared on a number of Spanish movies, but her big break came when she starred alongside Samuel Jackson in the movie, Snakes on a Plane. She has been quoted in saying that Sam was not a fan of snakes, but she was. Freudian, anyone?

She has been known to sport blonde or brown hair, but she is always the bombshell. Her face is extremely cute and her body is just gorgeous. She has perfect breasts and a skinny frame and she just makes you melt.

Since most of her pictures are very sensual in nature, it was not difficult to find a hot pic of her. The challenge was picking just 1.

In this photo, Elsa is showing her sultry naughty side, but also her playful side. You’ll notice that in this picture, she doesn’t have any clothes on and she is using a feather to hide, well, her nether regions. She’s hot, but also vulnerable. She has a way of embodying everything you would want in one photo, so to speak.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Claudia Moro

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Claudia Moro

Claudia Moro is one of the sexiest women alive. Just looking at her, you see that she is a latin goddess that makes you weak just looking at her. She was the runner-up to Miss Spain in the 2008 pageant and, because the winner was underage, she was sent to the Miss Universe pageant where she placed 7th. I chose to start with Claudia because she epitomizes why Spanish women are so drop dead gorgeous. Spanish women are not afraid to have curves and with Spanish women, hips are sexy. To balance that out, they typically have large breasts, too, which I love. But once again, the way Spanish women dance, move, and walk just shows you that they are sensual beasts.

In this picture, Claudia is wearing a lime green top and has a flower in her hair. Both of these work well because of her dark complexion. Her hair is also nice and wavy, which works really well with her perfectly beautiful face. The way she smiles is also extremely welcoming. It’s as if to say that, yes, she is beautiful, but she will talk and be pleasant to anybody.

There’s no doubt that she has a rock-hard smoking body. In the picture, you can see how she’s arching her back to show off the top of her very sculpted stomach and pushing out her exquisite chest.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - What makes Spanish Women so hot?

What makes Spanish Women so hot?

When you talk about latin women, what is not hot about them, you should ask. Of course, their dark skin, piercing eyes, sleek black hair, and beautiful curves are wonderful. Their accent is seductive and just draws you in. But all of this pales in comparison to the fact that Spanish women are inherently sexual creatures. This is evident in the way they walk, move, and definitely dance. They are playful in nature and love to tease and love to please.

This blog will be dedicated to these vixens and showcase these beautiful babes, tell their stories, and show some hot and sexy pictures in the process.

So hold on boys 'cause these girls with burn you up!
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