Friday, July 15, 2011

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Paula Prendes Topless

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Paula Prendes Topless

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Paula Prendes Topless

Paula Prendes is an ungodly sexy and extremely sinfully beautiful Spanish presenter and actress. Prendes was born in 1983 in Gijon. Now, there wasn’t a whole lot of English language information about her so I had to brush off my college Spanish for this one (aren’t you lucky). From February to August of last year, she was a reporter for a magazine called, “La Sexta”. Don’t get all worked up, that translates to “The Sixth”. Starting in September, she started presenting with Javier Cardenas the show, “Levantate y Cardenas”. Effectively, she has made her name in television as a presenter and also in radio.

The background isn’t half as interesting as just looking at her. Here, you see Paula in an extremely sexy pose. Her face (although extremely gorgeous) doesn’t look like she having any fun. Actually, she looks like she’s in a bit of pain. Her eyes and lips are scrumptious so I’ll forgive the scowl. Her hair is a bit wild which just goes to prove how naughty she is. The best part about this picture has to be the view of her large beautiful breasts. They are held up by a very lacey black bra that is just so inviting. You also see her toned flat stomach and blue panties peaking from her short shorts.

Que buenisima!

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