Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Spanish Pornstar Rebeca Linares Naked

Sexy Hot Spanish Women - Spanish Pornstar Rebeca Linares Naked

Rebeca Linares (born Veronica Linares) is an extremely beautiful and extremely voluptuous Spanish Pornstar. Rebeca got her start in 2006 when, after meeting an adult film star through a mutual friend got involved in adult movies in Barcelona. Suffering from a lack of work (how in the world did this beautiful creature be lacking for work?), Linares began to do work in other parts of Europe, including France. Ultimately, she knew that Los Angeles is where she needed to be to really make a go of it. I mean, hey isn’t LA the porn capital of the world?

Here is a picture of Rebeca in all her glory. First, she definitely has the porn star face. I mean her beautiful mouth is half-way open as if to say, “I could use this mouth to suck a very large penis… your penis!” Then, you see her wonderfully large (and very fake) breasts. She’s holding a caressing her left breast, but you get a very good view to both the girls. Then you see her flat stomach. Then there’s the money shot. She’s spreading her pussy with her right hand. It’s a nice small little pussy that is just inviting to be fucked.

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  1. I have never heard that Rebeca Linares is Spanish woman. I have seen only few videos of Spanish porn girl. I like this busty girl big boobs very much. I wish that i will find her Lesbian video with Sasha Grey.


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